11 Gorgeous Wedding Color Ideas Which Will Become A Trend in 2020

Wedding Color Ideas
Wedding Color Ideas

Many things in a wedding that must be considered carefully. Ranging from dresses, suits, shoes, decorations to the ring must be really considered. One other thing that should not be missed is the color that will be applied to a wedding.

The color you choose for your wedding can be a representation of your dreams and your partner. You can choose your favorite color, but if you are still confused about choosing, here we provide wedding color trends that will be the trend in 2020.

11 Gorgeous Wedding Color Ideas Which Will Become A Trend in 2020

1. Beige And black

Beige And Black Table Decor
Beige And Black Table Decor – pinterest.ca.com

The mixture of beige and black colors will make the wedding look elegant and soft. Black which is the original color and beige which is one of the pastel colors will present an elegant impression on your wedding.

2. Black And Pink

Black Pink Decor
Black Pink Decor – weheartit.com

Black pink is a color that will become a trend in 2020. The use of elegant black and soft pink will add a beautiful impression to your wedding.

3. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden – yoursweetwedding.net.com

At present the botanical garden theme is becoming a trend, which is white combined with green leaves and neutral wood colors so it looks more simple white and elegant.

4. Golden Hour

Golden Hour
Golden Hour – wallpaper-img.com

Golden hour is a combination of neutral colors such as gold and metal colors. This color will give an interesting highlight. The element of gold will give the impression of elegance and has the meaning of prosperity, joy, and luxury. Therefore, this color is very suitable for the concept of outdoor weddings held in a park.

5. Lilac Line-Up

Lilac Line up
Lilac Line-up – pinterest.co.uk.com

Lilac is a mixture of soft purple colors. This color has been popular in recent years. But it seems to be back popular and becomes a trend in 2020.

6. Living Coral

Coral Colors
Coral Colors – easyweddings.com.au.com

Living Coral is the next decoration trend that will be popular. This color seems to draw us back to nature. Starting from the decoration, the bride maid dress, until the flower bucket will be dominated by this color. You can choose various colors of chrysanthemum flowers, various colors of peonies, white roses, sunflowers, and baby breath.

7. Love in Bloom

Love In Bloom
Love In Bloom – pinterest.pt.com

The color palette in the concept of love in bloom consists of soft colors that are given a touch of contrast such as fuchsia red, bright red, and natural green, as well as shiny metal shades. The concept of marriage with the colors of love in bloom presents a visual of the simplicity and love and affection in bloom.

8. Paradise Found

Paradise Hound Beach
Paradise Hound Beach – pinterest.es.com
Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding – kraftstarmanagement.com

The color theme that was inspired by the atmosphere of this tropical beach entered into a popular color in 2019 and will be a trend in 2020. This paradise found a color palette that uses contrasting colors that are bright and cheerful so that the nuances seem to be on holiday at a pleasant beach.

Paradise Found consists of bright orange, wood brown, bright blue and refreshing turquoise color. In addition to colors with beach shades, paradise found also presents romantic cocktail colors. Coupled with brightly colored flower decoration. With this color concept, you will make the guests experience a different experience than usual.

9. Rosewood

Rosewood Theme
Rosewood Theme – weddingdaycolors.com

Rosewood is a shade that is somewhat far from what we are used to. The color is pink mixed with elements of a little brown color. It looks like this color will become a trend in 2020.

10. Sea Green

Sea Green
Sea Green – yandex.com.tr.com

Sea Green will give a soothing and refreshing impression on your wedding. Sea green or usually called Tosca blue is one of the pastel colors available.

11. Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight
Stroke of Midnight – blogdavinciflorist.blogspot.com

For those of you who want a cooler color concept, the concept of stroke of midnight is the right choice. With the nuances of dusk into the dark of the night also a touch of purple and red a little orange to give a romantic exotic atmosphere.

Those are some colors for a wedding that will be the trend in 2020. Hopefully, the idea inspired you. If you want to read another article from us about Swiss Cheese Nails Art Design Inspiration visit here.

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