11 Fashion Ideas You Can Try From Men’s Outfits Hip Hop Street Style

During this time hip hop is known for its music which is dominated by electro and rap beats whose lyrics reflect social life or events experienced by musicians. Besides rap, hip hop is also often associated with beatbox, breakdance, and DJ. It can be said that hip-hop is synonymous with freedom. Because most who like hip-hop is a person who does not want to be bound and tends to be free.

Hip-hop style does not only affect music, but also a style of dress. Where hip-hop style tends to be indifferent and casual. Well, for you, we will give you some male fashion inspiration that you can emulate from hip-hop style that will make you look cool and fashionable.

11 Fashion Ideas You Can Try From Men’s Outfits Hip Hop Street Style

Men's Outfits Hip Hop Street Style
Men’s Outfits Hip Hop Street Style

1. Army Look

Army Look
Army Look – pinterest.ru.com

The military camouflage motifs adorn many fashion items of hip hop musicians. Starting from jackets, pants, to shirts that give the impression of being relaxed and trendy.

2. Baggy or Harem Pants

Beggy Pants
Beggy Pants – banggood.com

Hip hop musicians are known for baggy pants or loose pants. Where this fashion was booming in the 90s, and again popular in 2018. These pants give the impression of being relaxed and casual. You can choose pants with lightweight materials to provide comfort. These pants are suitable for you who have slim legs. In addition to being used for activities, baggy pants can also be used for dancing, exercising or relaxing in accordance with the basic ingredients.

3. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket – solidrop.net.com

Denim always makes anyone who wears it look cool and trendy. This item never fails to make the user fashionable even without additional outfits. Hip-hop kids usually wear denim jackets as outer.

4. Hat And Sneakers

Hat And Shoes
Hat And Shoes – pinterest.com

Other fashion trends that are synonymous with hip-hop style are hats and shoes or sneakers. The types of hats that are used as a hip-hop style for children are actually unlimited. But, the most commonly used is snapback aka baseball cap or often also called the dad cap. This accessory looks perfect combined with tight jeans and looks much better than bucket hats that once dominated hip hop fashion 20 years ago. Hip-hop shoes also have a lot of lively motifs and mixed colors.

Hip Hop Shoes
Hip Hop Shoes – appalachianstbernards.com

5. Hoodie

Hoddie – pinterest.dk.com

Hoddie is a straight jacket without buttons or zippers. Hip hop style can not be separated from the jacket. Hoddie is also identical to hip-hop and is usually worn in layers, using other outer like denim jackets for the outer. In order to display the impression of strong hip-hop, you can choose a hoodie that has a large size alias that does not fit right on your body. A bigger size thing can have a huge old school hip-hop effect on you! You can add accessories like a beanie hat to look more leverage.

6. Jogger Pants

Jogger Pants
Jogger Pants – imall.com

The appearance of pants that used to be identical to this sport is going up in class. With a line accent on the side, this makes the wearer look slimmer and taller. wear oversized shirts and jackets, and sneakers that make your appearance look super trendy.

7. Large Size Necklace

Hip Hop Necklace
Hip Hop Necklace – shopbkj.com

Hip hop style is not only limited to clothing but also accessories are worn like necklaces. Where the necklace used is a large gold necklace with a pendulum that is no less striking. Or a simple necklace with wooden beads. Besides looking more modest, this shows the influence of ethnicity on hip hop fashion styles lately.

8. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket – www.pinterest.at.com

The next hip hop children’s style recommendation is a leather jacket. In addition to jeans jackets, this type of jacket is most often worn by hip hop children. Indeed, anyone who wears a leather jacket will immediately look cool when using it. Especially if combined with a hoodie or other outfits. Choose a model that is big enough or long enough to be combined with a plain shirt and loose jeans. Enhance it with white sneakers to provide a clean and casual look.

9. Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt
Plaid Shirt – vitruvianmagazine.com

Plaid shirts will look cool only as usual. But it will look even cooler if used in a way tied around the stomach like a hip-hop style kid.

10. Sweatshirt and Oversized T-shirts

Sweatshirt – touchermonciel.tumblr.com
Oversize T Shirt
Oversize T-Shirt – cz.pinterest.com

No wonder if in its heyday, they wore a lot of t-shirts or oversized sweatshirts with striking brand logos. Apparently, fashion items that had become a trend in the early 90s are now booming again and are widely worn by female and male celebrities.

11. Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket
Varsity Jacket – pinterest.de.com

This jacket is identical to the jacket worn by students at the university. Usually made of cotton or parasites, besides that, it is also made of silk which gives a high-class appearance to its users. Apart from using buttons, now there are also those who use zippers. The decoration also varies from writing, emblems, to embroidery which is currently trending.

Those are some hip-hop style inspirations that you can try. Hopefully, the idea inspired you. If you want to read another article from us about Valentine’s Style Braids Ideas For Kids visit here.

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