Celebrate Your Summer Wedding With 11 Bohemian Style Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

Bohemian style is indeed becoming a trend in the world of fashion and interiors. Do not rule out the possibility to be applied in your wedding decorations. Included in the decoration of the altar where the pronunciation of the couple’s sacred promise takes place. One unique Bohemian trend that is increasingly emerging is macrame or weaving art. The bride and groom who want to give a chic impression on their celebration have been exporting various ideas for using macrame at weddings especially at their wedding altars.

For those of you who have a relaxed personality and aura, you are very suitable when organizing a wedding using this bohemian theme. You can apply this style to almost all elements of marriage. From wedding decorations, centerpieces, dresses, and simple suits, comfortable shoes, bohemian-style accessories to altar decorations that you can decorate like a unique bohemian style.

Arches Wedding
Arches Wedding – pinterest.com

Bohemian style is very identical and close to nature. Therefore usually decorations that use this style usually take a lot from nature such as wood, leaves, flowers to the atmosphere of an outdoor wedding or done in nature.

You can start by arranging the main spot with decorated wood and forming a tent. For decoration at the top, you can adjust your desires. For example, the main flower in your marriage is Lily, then you can put the flower arrangements above. This is because the bohemian style is synonymous with freedom. Besides hanging, plants and dreamcatchers that are hung on your wedding altar will be a sweet focal point. If your ceremony is performed outdoors, a gentle breeze will build a serene atmosphere for your wedding.

Well, for those of you who are interested in holding a wedding in a bohemian style. We will help you by giving some ideas about wedding altar decorations in a bohemian summer style.

Celebrate Your Summer Wedding With 11 Bohemian Style Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas

Altar Bohemian
Altar Bohemian – bespoke-bride.com
Altar Decor
Altar Decor – wallpaper-img.com
Arches Wedding
Arches Wedding – pinterest.com
Bohemian Wedding Altar
Bohemian Wedding Altar – simpleelegancebylaura.com
Boho Chic Altar
Boho Chic Altar – weddingwire.com
Decorations Ceremony
Decorations Ceremony – whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com
Decorations – pinterest.com.au.com
Simple Decorations
Simple Decorations – mykaleidoscope.ru.com
Wedding Arches
Wedding Arches – pinterest.com.au.com
Wedding Boho Decor
Wedding Boho Decor – sk.pinterest.com
Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor – pinterest.ca.com

Those are some ideas for wedding altar decoration in a bohemian style that is suitable for summer. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about the Tropical Wedding Invitation Color Combination Ideas visit here.


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