10 Wonderful Vintage Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas

Wedding decoration is one of the important things and must be considered well besides the dresses, makeup and shoes. Many themes that you can choose for your wedding decoration theme. From simple to luxurious. Classic to modern. Now many couples choose unique themes for their special day. These themes are actually inspired by the concept of home interior style.

Some home interior decoration which is now a trend among them is rustic, minimalist, nautical, and also vintage. When it is poured into the theme and decoration of the wedding, the results are no less interesting. One theme that is gaining in popularity and has been chosen is the vintage theme. This style seems to bring us to reminisce.

If the nostalgic atmosphere is your chosen wedding theme, then don’t ever hesitate to make it total, every detail of wedding equipment must work together so that they can speak to express the overall theme. Colorful flowers, flickering dim lights, vintage-themed furniture, and the magnificent aisle stage, can make your wedding leave a deep impression. Vintage-themed decorations make it more feminine and sweet.

Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas
Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas

Using this theme as a wedding decoration can present the impression of elegance and oldies. The vintage style is always synonymous with lace. Where lace is not only used on dresses or wedding shoes but also wedding decorations. The lace is usually placed on the backdrop, table, or chairs of guests and brides. Some beautiful color choices for vintage decoration are ivory white, rose gold, and gray slate. But white has always been the most popular color chosen. The white color which is one element of the classic vintage concept can be an aspect that is widely used for weddings.

Here we give some ideas of decoration for those of you who choose backdrop decorations with a vintage theme, which can be realized perfectly.

10 Wonderful Vintage Wedding Backdrop Decoration Ideas

Arabic Wedding Decor
Arabic Wedding Decor – ravisherstheband.com
Backdrop Design
Backdrop Design – pinterest.com.au.com
Flower Decor
Flower Decor – pinterest.nz.com
Simple Elegant
Simple Elegant – pinterest.com.au.com
Vintage Decor
Vintage Decor – pinterest.ru.com
Vintage Doors
Vintage Doors – artofweddings.lv.com
Wedding Backdrop
Wedding Backdrop – fixthephoto.com
Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor – www.pinterest.fr.com
Wedding Ideas
Wedding Ideas – pinterest.co.uk.com
Wedding – in.pinterest.com

How about guys, interested in holding a vintage backdrop wedding theme. If so, don’t forget to try the ideas we gave. Hopefully, inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Burgundy Color Will Become A Fashion Color Trend In 2020 visit here.


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