10+ Urban Casual Fashion for Men You Must Know

Urban fashion is a style of clothing that is related to urban culture, especially urban young people who are involved with the music scene. Most people associate urban fashion with music that is hype in the city center. Usually, the form of music popular among the people of a big city will have an impact on the style of the native clothing of the area. In many ways, urban fashion is about attitude.

Some items commonly found in urban clothing are hoodies, sneakers, and t-shirts with popular designs or slogans. Mostly, urban clothing is not formal, but there are urban aspects that involve jewelry and accessories. In many cases, hats are designed to be coordinated with certain clothing. Pants for men are usually looser than pants for women. In other styles, adherents of urban fashion often wear denim, animal-print, and large accessories.

The color of urban style clothing often reflects personal taste, but in many cases very bright colors like white or very dark colors like black still, dominate. Many people want to wear clothes that reflect the landscape of the city in which they live, so the street-art design is very popular. Clothing made by designers who are valued by the relevant urban culture will also be popular.

Urban Casual Fashion
Urban Casual Fashion

Usually, men combine some of their casual clothes according to their taste. For example, a hoodie paired with a jeans jacket or leather jacket and worn with pants. Or it could be a t-shirt wrapped in a suit. Urban clothing can combine a relaxed style but still neat.

However, you can also combine your casual clothes so that you can display an urban style that can attract the eye of the beholder. We will give some ideas of urban casual fashion for you.

10+ Urban Casual Fashion for Men You Must Know

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Well, that’s some ideas for urban casual fashion for men that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Best Shirt and Pants Combination Ideas visit here.

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