10+ Elegant Jodhpuri Suits Ideas for Groomsman for You Try

Jodhpuri suit or Bandhgala suit is a dress with a formal suit from India. This clothing originated in the State of Jodhpuri and was popularized during the mid 19th to 20th centuries in India. Jodhpuri from coat and pants or trousers, but sometimes accompanied by a vest in its use. This outfit combines shorter pieces with hand embroidery guarded by a vest. Because its design in the form of a suit makes these outfits very suitable for events such as weddings and formal gatherings.

Jodhpuri is usually made from silk or other suit material. Where the material is coated with collars and buttons with embroidery. This suit is a plain, jacquard or jamewari suit. Paired pants are also suitable for use with coats.

The history of the Bandhgala suit is the outfits that emerged simply from clothing called Angarkha. Angrakha is a traditional court dress in ancient and classical India that can be used comfortably around her, where it offers flexible ease with knots and ties. Bandhgala quickly became a formal and semi-formal uniform that was popular throughout Rajasthan and eventually throughout India.

Jodhpuri Suits Ideas
Jodhpuri Suits Ideas

Jodhpuri seems to have a rigid nature, with buttons in the middle or on the left or right. Unlike the general suit, Jodhpuri doesn’t need to wear a tie as an extra, but this outfit still has a collar. With the addition of embroidery on the collar, sleeves or in all settings. Jodhpuri is perfect for use with typical Indian shoes like khussa, or other formal shoes such as loafers, oxford, monk strap, or brogue.

Well, if you are interested in wearing traditional clothes from India, we will help you by giving Jodhpuri suit ideas for men.

10+ Elegant Jodhpuri Suits Ideas for Groomsman for You Try

Bandhgala Suit
Bandhgala Suit – pinterest.ca.com
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Indian Casual Men’s – pinterest.es.com
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Indian Groom Suit – pinterest.com
Indian Men Suit
Indian Men Suit – in.pinterest.com
Jodhpuri Suit Amitav
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Jodhpuri Suit
Jodhpuri Suit – parivarceremony.com
Jodhpuri – pinterest.com
Men's Formal Style
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Men's Jodhpuri Ideas
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Men's Jodhpuri Suit
Men’s Jodhpuri Suit – parivarceremony.com
Men's Wedding
Men’s Wedding – parivarceremony.com
Printed Jodhpuri Suit
Printed Jodhpuri Suit – parivarceremony.com
Royal Indian Wedding
Royal Indian Wedding – ww2.tophillschools.com

Well, those are some Jodhpuri suit ideas that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Men’s Watch Ideas visit here.


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