Best Plain Shirt Ideas with Casual Impressions that Are Not Too Formal for Women

Shirts are an important item for everyone. Even if you do not use it, there will definitely be neatly folded in your closet. Shirts are synonymous with a neat and formal appearance. Moreover, the innocent without any motive at all. Maybe you will be thought to come to a thesis trial, job interviews, internships, or really formal work.

With a plain shirt, you can look casual and relaxed without being too formal. Hipwell Style has prepared several tips to mix and match plain shirts with other items such as accessories and hijab. You can use a plain shirt to hang out and hang out with friends.

Stylish Black Shirt
Stylish Black Shirt

Pocket on a formal plain shirt can indeed be distinguished. One on the left chest. Coupled with a black skirt or pants, you will look like a real intern. Even if you want to appear in black and white, just look for a loose shirt with a different pocket model. Two large pockets on the chest can make your neat dish more different. To make it even more fun, you can use black tote bag to be relied on.

One small business that can make your ordinary white shirt different can be overhauled from its collar. Maybe, you are more familiar with the pointed collar or the peter pan collar. Nothing wrong if you add your collar with a motive.

Or when suddenly having to meet with lecturers or important people in the office, no one can guess when. To look relaxed, your white shirt will still match when paired with long jeans and your favorite flats. All the colors are neutral, it can be relied on! You also do not need to rush to change clothes when that crucial time comes.

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